It is an honor to work with such inspirational women as clients. Their journeys and life stories inspire my life journey.  I believe that every person we meet is a divine connection we make. These are sincere, courageous and gifted women who love God and live according to the values and principles of His Word. It is a privilege to know them and work with them.

Thank you all for your praise words in these testimonials.

Debbie Swanepoel
“As a mentor, Mareli made me feel loved again. Someone who cares enough, not to leave me to go in any direction I want,but always back to my Father. She is my inspiration when I need it the most, when I am feeling down. She lifts my spirit. She led me to the Lord Jesus... Read More
“7/10/13 was the day I first received an email from Mareli, as my online mentor. It was the beginning of change. Looking back at the emails we must have emailed back and forth straight for 3 months. Through communicating with Mareli, I started to read more scripture. I gained another spiritual mentor who started out... Read More
Anna Pack
“In February 2015 I met a Brazilian in Bloemfontein, God set it up beautifully because He heard my hearts cry. I prayed asking God to send me a spiritual mentor and a Christian counselor and gave me more!!! March-May were the toughest, spiritually, emotionally challenging months for me. I had reached a dead-end spiritually wondering... Read More
“Mareli and I served together in full time ministry, and we connected in a “David/Jonathan” kind of friendship (1 Samuel 20:17). We have been best friends for over 15 years. I have experience that she is one of the best counselors in the kingdom of God, she is a prayer warrior, and I experience her... Read More
“When I met Mareli I was in a hopeless situation, hopelessness drove me to the internet to look for answers and reasons for where I was in my life. For the first time in my life I experienced what it was to be loved unconditionally. I had spent 29 years of my life being treated... Read More
Carmen Johns
““What is everyone’s basic emotional need? In my personal opinion, it is to feel loved and accepted. I heard someone say on the radio a while ago: “Every one looks normal, until you get to know them.” What this means, is that every one of us is weird. We all have a past which shapes... Read More
Lorraine Els
“Life is a journey and how we go through it, is based on decisions. Making God the centre of your decision making is not always easy but it’s the right thing to.. After 39 years of my life I realize that, and I ask God to help me in every aspect of my life. Buying... Read More
“I met Mareli in 2007, it was an honor working together with her, she was ..and still is a bright shining light in the midst of darkness ! A true inspiration to many. When I think of her…she reminds me of a verse in 2 Corinthians 7:11-13 as quoted from the message : “And now,... Read More
“I met Mareli in 2014 at her Women’s Fellowship Group, and the most impressionable thing about her for me was how much she Loves the God and His Word. She inspires passion for wisdom and knowledge. She is really a women of God. She is such an inspiration and inspires me to want to be... Read More
Michelle Thompson
“I have known Mareli since 2007, she is my spiritual mentor and now I also attend her weekly Women’s Fellowship Group. Mareli is a woman of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to her work and is entirely peace-loving. Her sweet spirit, small stature and huge enthusiasm for God combines for  refreshing and profound inspiration. Her... Read More