7/10/13 was the day I first received an email from Mareli, as my online mentor. It was the beginning of change. Looking back at the emails we must have emailed back and forth straight for 3 months. Through communicating with Mareli, I started to read more scripture. I gained another spiritual mentor who started out as one of my bestest friends. I started seeing a counselor. Through the work that she and I did together in conjunction with the others, I was able to get to a place to know my weaknesses and to no longer take the blame for others weaknesses. I forgave those that hurt me and I faced my past.

2014 started off very rocky as some things in my life started to escalate, but Mareli gave me hope. She she instilled more of what God believed in me. I was able to face some really huge fears to start my life over. FEAR has been my biggest demon, and although I still take steps in some areas to attack it Mareli has been there through those steps. She empowered me to want more for myself and not be afraid of my short comings, but to embrace them. I have felt that feat and did what I needed to do anyway! Thank you Jesus! Mareli just understood me because she was once where I was.

Now, Today 7/25/15 exactly 5 days from my 36th birthday, I can say that I am HAPPY! Genuinely HAPPY! I just started dating someone, I see God’s favor in my life, and although I am still breaking through fear barriers, I can look at how far I have come and feel proud of myself. I can also look forward to where I am going! Mareli continues to minister to my life and I couldn’t ask for a better mentor turned dearest friend. I look forward to Mareli’s growing mentor ministry. Many blessings and love to you, my friend, Mareli.”

She has been an Online spiritual mentor and a Community leader for Power to Change, since 2002. Where she mentors women with many different life and spiritual challenges from all over the world. She studied Behavioral counseling under Professor Wilfred Kent, from International College of Behavioral Counseling and at present she studying towards a BA Degree in Pastoral Counseling at the Filadelfia Institute of Counseling and Miami International Seminary.