Anna Pack

In February 2015 I met a Brazilian in Bloemfontein, God set it up beautifully because He heard my hearts cry. I prayed asking God to send me a spiritual mentor and a Christian counselor and gave me more!!!

March-May were the toughest, spiritually, emotionally challenging months for me. I had reached a dead-end spiritually wondering how to silence the inner turmoil, the confusion and stress! I was entangled in false spiritual expectations, goals and purpose that weighed me down. Didn’t know how hear God clearly anymore because I was under so much pressure because of what I thought God wanted or expected from me. I condemned myself when I didn’t perform, I was carrying a heavy yoke all because I DIDNT UNDERSTAND that it’s not by works nor by might But by the GRACE of God that we exist and can be. When God sent Mareli Csabai, I learned to be still and know that He is God.

Mareli had something i wanted, she had peace, inner peace that comes with understanding the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF GOD. She introduced me to the concept of resting at the feet of Jesus and basking in His mercy and grace. She reminded me that Jesus’ yoke is light and not burdensome. She reminded me that when He ascended into Heaven, He left His peace therefore “guard your peace Anna, Jesus loves you as you are” no strings attached! I LET GO OF MANY UNREALISTIC SPIRITUAL EXPECTATIONS, I EMBRACED HIS AMAZING GRACE, that even while i was a sinner, CHRIST DIED FOR ME. Today i have PEACE which surpasses ALL understanding.

It keeps me secure and knowing that all i need to know is that Jesus Loves me, PERIOD! Mareli you are a beautiful miracle and vessel of God. Peace has healed me, your anointing is pure. Every girl needs a Mareli i say! i thank God for that divine ‘accidental’ meeting. May your ministry remain pure and may it prosper, may thousands, billion and over get to tap into your well.

YOU ARE A BLESSING, A POWERFUL MENTOR AND CONSELLOR, and friend. I recommend ‘askmareli’. She will empower you to tap into a peace of Christ that is foundation of Everything. Thanks to Mareli, I know that my peace is sacred therefore I should protect it. God bless. (She has a Facebook page and website, visit her, let peace prevail) I LOVE YOU MARELI.

She has been an Online spiritual mentor and a Community leader for Power to Change, since 2002. Where she mentors women with many different life and spiritual challenges from all over the world. She studied Behavioral counseling under Professor Wilfred Kent, from International College of Behavioral Counseling and at present she studying towards a BA Degree in Pastoral Counseling at the Filadelfia Institute of Counseling and Miami International Seminary.