When I met Mareli I was in a hopeless situation, hopelessness drove me to the internet to look for answers and reasons for where I was in my life. For the first time in my life I experienced what it was to be loved unconditionally. I had spent 29 years of my life being treated the way “I deserved” and I was amazed that someone who had never seen me or known me could love me and support me in such a way. With all my faults I felt heard and understood. She helped me have an idea of what the love of God is like.

Through Mareli’s mentorship I began to discover God and now I am on a journey of a lifetime. It is not easy in life, we need a support system and wherever I go I will always hold this woman dear to my heart. She made a big difference in my life yet she’s never seen me. I think Christ clothed her and he speaks to me through her.
My life turned around. Even after knowing her I still falter as a spiritual daughter, but she showed me God’s love. I have seen Christ in her. She inspires me.

Update: 1 September 2015

About 3 years ago I wrote an email through Power to change. I do not remember the email but I remember how I felt. Despair, hopelessness and pain to say the least. I had tried to write to mentors before and it was always a short lived journey “probably they get busy” I would tell myself or rather “they just dont care”.So when I wrote this one which was among a chain of many others I had written I didn’t expect much.

But that it was Mareli who wrote back and after a very long time I felt something. It was hope. There was hope. Someone had responded and it wasnt just a response. It was an answer. It was someone talking. From that time till now approximately 3 years later. I remember her  emails. I always looked forward to reading her emails. They were a big source of comfort, they were non judgmental and they were full of assurance something I definitely lacked in my life at that time. My point now is…God speaks through people and it is the obedience of those people that saves us. I am sure she would have given up on me long ago because I was stuck stuck stuck. My mindset was clogged with so much negativity.

So 3 years later I find myself free. Of course I still have problems.  I am going through something quite difficult right now but….I handle problems much better.  I am not hopeless..I am hopeful. It is still a journey but I am grateful by Gods grace I found someone or someone found me and showed me that through Christ I can be all I can be. I am not perfect I still struggle with negative emotions but it is definitely not like 3 years ago.

And in August 2015  I found myself in the same place as Mareli. It is possible to see God. We see him in people. I saw him in my mentor and I could identify the same person that replied my emails. It was God. God used her and I am thankful she obeyed because one day I will also become a vessel.

May God bless you all.

Dr T Makwavarara

She has been an Online spiritual mentor and a Community leader for Power to Change, since 2002. Where she mentors women with many different life and spiritual challenges from all over the world. She studied Behavioral counseling under Professor Wilfred Kent, from International College of Behavioral Counseling and at present she studying towards a BA Degree in Pastoral Counseling at the Filadelfia Institute of Counseling and Miami International Seminary.